Hoppy Easter

Why the Easter Rabbit? That was a question Cody had asked recently. Well he had a lot of questions, why “Good Friday” if it is when Jesus died? Good questions kid. I should put a disclaimer here and mention that I am a Buddhist, and don’t believe in Christian beliefs, including Easter. When telling my son why they are called Good Friday and such, I make sure to tell him that it is what the Christians believe. It is important for me to make sure he knows that there are different beliefs in the world and someday he will choose what he believes. Moving along.

bunny cleaning

Why the Easter Bunny? And why does he bring eggs? Bunnies don’t lay eggs! I bring you to the history of the Easter Bunny. It actually comes from a Pagan belief, which actually is where Easter comes from to begin with. Easter was meant as a time to celebrate spring. It usually falls on or around the spring equinox. The bunny is meant to be a symbol for fertility and new life (we all know how bunnies reproduce!). The story of the Easter bunny and the egg date back to about the 1700’s from German immigrants. The fable of the egg laying hare called: “Osterhase” or “Oschter Haws.” would leave  colored eggs for children who would build nest for them. Over the years, the nest became baskets. Check out this page for more!

bunny food

Now on to my bunny. Which is what you three people are here for. Moose got a new bed. Remember me mentioning that rabbits don’t really like you messing with their habits? Well that stands true. Apparently when trying to make them more comfortable, clean or whatever, it just sends them into a spiral of bunny hate. At first, I thought he loved his strawberry! I mean who would right?!

bunny strawberrty 3

I want to sleep there! Then, the magic wore off, the strawberry turned into a torture cave or something because I woke up to find him sitting like this:

rest bitch bunny

Yes – that is my little bunny rabbit looking at me like “Girl I will cut you if you don’t bring my box back” My sister finally noticed what I failed to. My rabbit has resting bitch bunny face. My husband thinks that that is the bunnies content face, but I know better. This isn’t a content bunny. By the way – resting bitch bunny face is a thing. Check out this Instagram. 

In other news – my rabbit has started doing yoga with me. No seriously.

Makes doing yoga more fun and harder at the same time. There was actually a news article about a yoga class that brings in bunnies in order to raise money for abandoned bunnies. How cool is this? Check out the article.

And finally in cruelty free news: Although this isn’t a product, I feel I must sing its praises. Clove Essential oil It has many uses, but the one I use it for is tooth pain. Seriously better than anything (except you know dealing with the problem)…You dab a q-tip or cotton swab with clove oil and let it sit on the gum near the tooth that is bothering you. The clove oil is a natural analgesic and antibacterial. While the clove oil doesn’t relieve the pain right away, with continued use (once in the morning and once a night), within a few days the pain will be gone. Which is so much better than just masking the pain. At the first hint of pain, start using this.

Keep on hopping my friends!tall bunny

* Bunnies can live up to 10 years, as cute and amazing as they are for pets, please consider carefully before getting one. If you do decide to get one, think adoption first, there are lots of bunnies in shelters that were surrendered after last Easter, when the novelty wore off. 


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