Hare-y habitats

Bunnies can be very territorial…I wouldn’t have thought it would go as far as Moose took it but they do.FullSizeRender

Moose has a cage that he goes into when we aren’t home and at night. This cage is (according to the box it came in) is fit for mid-sized dog. In this cage, he has a full size liter box, food dish, water bottle and a box that he uses as a den. It has a cut out for a door and a little cut out for a window. Nice little cozy spot that he can go into when he needs peace and quiet. With Cody around, that could be all the time. Normally he likes to hide under our beds when he is out, but we wanted to make sure he had a home when he was in his cage as well. Really this place is a palace and I don’t know why it takes me 20 minutes to get him in every night…moving on.

His old box was falling apart, that is what bunnies do, they tear their shit up apparently. He had literally chewed a hole through the back of it, looking for what I can only imagine. I think he was trying to escape, only to find that there were bars on the other side to. So, being a good mom I went to Bj’s and got him a new box. A nice sturdy Vegetable box. I cleaned his cage all nice, replaced the boxes, went about my day. When it was bed time Moose went into his cage, looked the box and looked at me like I was kidding. Where is my box? Was the look he gave me. Who do you think you are kidding?

As the days and weeks went on, it was clear to me that I wasn’t to be forgiven for changing out his box. He was so unhappy.

This is Moose on his old ratty box as happy as can be: IMG_4240

That is how you would find him nightly – all stretched out all content.


This is how he looked on my nice new sturdy box …IMG_4295 Pissed. That is not the look of a happy bunny. No this is the look of one very upset bunny. I finally conceded and got him a new box. Things have gotten much better.

A few more pictures of bunny expressions I was able to catch…not because I am being super creepy and recording him or anything….


bunny – we actually used this image for the Christmas card.

Think I am kidding?


Speaking of that…happy holidays everyone! From my giant family to yours!