You put the lime in the coconut…


…song has been  in my head since I started this project! (now it is probably in yours!)

It is that time of year again…end of school. It is a bittersweet time in my house, as I am sure it is in most households. I was trying to think of what to give the teachers and bus drivers as a little end of year gift when I decided on another sugar scrub. I wanted something summery and beachy…something that screamed vacation. I got it. I must introduce you to: Coconut Lime Sugar scrub. It smells as good as it sounds…like Margaritas on the beach. Or like this wonderful review: a fiesta in a shower. imageCheck out the recipe below…

1 Cup of white sugar
¼ of a cup of coconut oil – Melted
6-10 drops of lime essential oilimage


Melt the coconut oil in a double boiler or microwave.
Mix the coconut oil with the sugar until completely blended
Add lime oil and mix well.

Sugar scrubs are so easy to make…you can honestly take the above recipe and add any essential oil you like depending on what you want to achieve. Lavender for relaxation for example. I found a neat way to make sugar scrub cubes…I think I will be testing those out for the holiday’s this year…stay tuned.


In giant bunny news we have celebrated a birthday. Moose is now a year old. What a fantastic year it has been too. Lately he has becoming more playful and adventurous with us. He actually let me hold him for a few minutes one day. We tried a new water bottle that is supposed to be the greatest thing since water bottles were invented but he wanted none of it…so he still using his other one. Still haven’t gotten a companion for him yet…it is more not really having the time to devote to training a new bunny and getting them used to each other than not wanting to. Perhaps this summer when I have some time off I will be able to dedicate more time…we haven’t given up on being a two bunny household. I also tried some new foods. According to House Rabbit Society , you can feed, in small quantities, grapes and raspberries to rabbits as little treats. Well apparently Moose is all Kale all the time. That and his yogies he loves so much. It is probably for the best that he doesn’t really go for the fruit as you really should limit their diet when it comes to those foods. He loves his leafy greens, so yet again..we lucked out.


I have another brand of cruelty free stuff to try! If you have a Trader Joe’s in your neighborhood – check them out…I found a bunch of products,

(like this awesome hand lotionTrader-Joe-Hand-Cream) that are cruelty free and at a great price! Plus there is stuff is amazing. That is my product plug for the day.
And that is my giant update for the day. I leave you this video of a mama bunny kicking a snakes butt! (I do hope the babies are okay!!)

 Hop on my friends!unnamed (1)