Chomp chomp

We have a chewer. He sneaks around chomping things…cords, books, shoes, carpet, your toes…never satisfied he goes searching for more to chew…in the insatiable hunger to find more to chew he burrows into new areas…under a table, behind the couch…maybe even under your bed. Here he might find something amazing, a tissue you dropped when you had the flu. Remember that book that were reading? Or how about that light cord. If you listen you can hear him…chewing…digging…needing…

I am talking of course of…bunny!photo 1


Oh you think I jest? I did too when I read the online advice. I smiled when I read the books…I chuckled as I listened to the experts at Petco…after all my bunny was so sweet, so calm, there was no way he was going to be the devil these people were 6 ~~bun bun snacking on my shirt 

Within a week the stitching in my shoes was unraveled, the charger to my phone was useless and if I am not mistaken I am now missing a corner of my iPad cover, I suppose this could have been missing before, but somehow…I think it was him.

He loves to scurry under the couch where I am pretty sure he has stockpile of cords, socks and other things to chew on. Oh buy him chew toys you say…don’t think we haven’t. Make sure there is a lots of hay around for him to chew…check. Been there done that…fact is bunnies love to chew. It is there way of exploring and using those amazing teeth they have. It’s fun for them, a lovely pass time. Of course it is often dangerous for them as well. So it is constant, never ending, vigilance when you are a bunny mommy or daddy. Constant. Turn your back for a moment and he is climbing on the couch and gone – two seconds after that he is behind the 400 pound sofa and chewing on the lamp wire. Go pee? Sure! And come back to a decimated paperback

photo 7~Bun bun eating my jeans – note the crazed look in his eyes!

I don’t get mad…not even a little. I don’t annoyed, okay maybe a little, but never mad. It is their nature to chew and dig and as a responsible and loving bunny mommy I have taken the task of trying to train my fury little buddy. So far (and he is still young) training has been…well he is young…I am pretty sure he thinks “no” is just a fun word I like to throw around. We recently, (at the suggestion of a few experts), have started staying ‘No’ with a quick spray of water. To me it looks like he enjoys this little shower. Of course he does! We shall see if it works though! In the meantime if you want to find me, I am either putting everything of value above the bunnies jumping range ,or crawling under a bed trying to coax him out of a corner with a piece of lettuce…

photo9~ Plotting his next move…