Hare today, gone tomorrow

There is something concerning and embarrassing about hair loss…especially if you are young proud hare. Moose lost a tuff of hair on his back.

After some ensuing panic and a quick search on the internet we found out that there are a lot of places you can go to find out common rabbit diseases. We also found out that –  like human symptoms – if you have something, like a lost tuff of hair, you could be dying from about a hundred things. The first thing to pop up was mites.

This completely grossed me out when reading about it. Especially the images of rabbits with a huge mite infestation.(your welcome for sparing you) After a very close look we established that he doesn’t have mites. There were a few other causes, both physiological and physical but none of them seem to fit. For example, as far as we can tell, he doesn’t seem stressed out. His diet hasn’t changed…plus he is the same as ever, hippity hopping through the house.


You see nothing

The last thing we saw was that it could be a normal part of shedding. To keep an eye on him and see if he loses more, shows signs of mites or anything else. Which is what we have started doing. So far he seems to be fine, albeit a little less fluffy in one area. Interesting thing about Mites though, and something I think house bunny owners should be aware of. I thought, since it is spread from animal to animal, we wouldn’t have anything to worry about right? Wrong. Mites get into your house through hay. Gross. So make sure you buy good quality hay from a respected brand. I like Kaytee

While researching the hair loss issue I came across something else interesting. Bunny Years. Of course we know bunnies don’t live as long as humans, so they must age faster. I wondered if they were like dog years or different. They are much different. For example,  Moose, who will be 2 in May will be 27 in bunny years. Here is the whole chart! bunny-years1
I also have to report a new obsession. You may remember that I was losing my mind trying to get pictures of him yawning. (Still do)


Dem Teeth

BUT my new obsession is: eating. Moose eating is the greatest thing ever…and if you think I am insane – you should check out “bunny eating” on Instagram. It is a thing trust me. In the meantime I share with you the following. 



Adorable right?
In cruelty free product news, I am in love with a man named JĀSÖN. No really. Go check out JĀSÖN products. Right now I am using their body wash and not only does it not aggravate my skin, it actually feels clean and smooth when I step out of the shower. BW-FragFree-web
(I bought the shampoo and conditioner but haven’t tried it yet. )
On a closing note, adopting a bunny. When I look at animal shelter websites I see bunnies that have been there for ages. It seems to me that bunnies may not be a popular animal to adopt. Here are a few good reasons why you should adopt a bunny.
They are cuddly (sometimes)


Lounge Bunny

The relieve stress when you pet them (their fur is so soft!)



They are hilarious when they get something in their head and start bouncing around the room
They are easily liter trained (little mess)
They require attention, love and play (and of course liter/cage cleaning) but are very easy to care for
Bunny kisses are the best (not slobbery like dog kisses and not all rough like kitty kisses)
They are a great pet for someone who might have allergies to other animals. (I have one to cats and am perfectly find with Moose)
This face…you should get  bunny for this face.
FullSizeRender (5)
*Side note: I don’t get paid to endorse any of the products mentioned, I just like them.
* I am not a vet, so if you do see something concerning you should always check with yours.
*Adopting a bunny is rewarding and amazing, but like any other pet they do require love and care…make sure you are ready to be a bunny parent. 🙂

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