It’s Lagomorpha to you

Someone made the mistake of calling my bunny a rodent. I quickly had to tell them a brief history on rabbit classification, which I will now share with you.

Rabbits were declassified as rodents in 1912 when the Lagomorpha order was recognized. The difference between a rabbit and a rodent is that rabbits have two sets of incisors where as rodents don’t. Other mammals in the Lagomorpha group are hares and pikas. Other animals in the rodent group are mice, rats, hamsters, porcupines, woodchucks, squirrels, chinchillas and beavers.



Not rodent


Although regardless of classification – how adorable are these guinea pigs?


Moose is on a water strike – okay so rabbits can’t technically go on water strikes, but he seems to be drinking a lot less than he was before. So once again, a huge internet search was conducted. Old age, dental problems, change in water taste, bottle malfunctions were some of the most popular problems. So we made sure the bottle was working, provided a water dish for him to drink out of. We use bottled water and would never dream of using anything other than Poland Spring water for our preciously little snowflake rabbit.  Considering that he is eating, pooping, playing and acting normally we have decided to just keep an eye on him. I actually bought a water dish to go with his water bottle. At the very least it can’t be said he didn’t have access to water. Speaking of access.

He has gone through I can’t even tell you how many cords. Phone chargers, game chargers, computer chargers (he likes chargers), lamp cords. However he has never touched this cord. Not once. Even though it dangles ever so temptingly right in his reach. I find this very odd. Does this cord not taste nice? Is this cord special? I can’t fathom why he would refuse to eat this cord when all others are fair play.


There isn’t much else going on in his world. Here are some super adorable pictures for you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In cruelty free news – for my birthday I was given a lovely gift bag of Lush products and I instantly fell in love. Even the names and the descriptions are amazing. My sister and I went to a Lush store recently and the people working there were so friendly and so helpful. (shout out the girls working at the William Floyd Lush Store ) They have stuff for men and woman and at all ends of the price scale. If you get nothing else you should try their hand soap.flickr_-_olivier_bruchez_-_lush_shampoo

I came across a natural remedy to rid your house of ants, that I shall share with you. Now, I found it didn’t work as great as I would have liked. User error? Maybe…but I feel like it is something you should start before you even see the ants. First snow melt kind of thing. I think it is hard to use when they’ve already started dining on your marshmallow fluff.


In a spray bottle: fill with tap water and add a few drops of peppermint oil. Shake, Shake, Shake…spray around window, doors, baseboards, anywhere that ants can get it. I like this because with our bunny it is safer than the actual poisons that they sell. Also, obviously, not harmful to the ants just deters them away from your food stash.

Keep on hopping my friends.

*I do not get paid to endorse any products or companies. I just comment on what I like and what works for me. As always, one should ask a doctor or vet (depending on the product) if they have concerns. 


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