Descruction and discovery

imageMoose is acting out. When I did some research on this I found that a bored bunny is a destructive bunny. That is putting it mildly. We’ve gotten wise to his cord fetish, so all cords are out of reach, hidden, or buried. He has moved on from cords. They are no longer enough. Turns out, cords are the gateway to bigger things. We have two couches, both are pushed up against a wall. One of them has to be out a little because it has recliners. Because of this, Moose is able to fit behind there. He likes to go back there and be stubborn sometimes…like when we try and get him in his cage. Recently he must have noticed how awful the couch was. The couch must have pissed him off somehow, because he has waged war on it.


So when I researched just why a bunny would decide to destroy furniture in such a vindictive way, the most common answer was boredom. Not that we don’t try and entertain him. However, we are not bunnies. Which leads me to the only logical conclusion. We must get another bunny. So I have been looking. Husband really wants a dwarf rabbit. So I plan on talking to a bunny expert and finding the perfect match for Moose and our family. We will soon be a two bunny household.


Moose’s litter box (one of them) is in the bathroom. This is the one he prefers. I swear sometimes he sits there just to sit there.image We have one bathroom so in the morning it is usually occupied for quite some time. This makes Moose impatient. I couldn’t get it on camera but he actually scratched on the door like a dog when wanted to get in. I found it hilarious. He refuses to use the other litter box when the one in the bathroom is available. He doesn’t have accidents either, which is amazing to me. He will hold it until he is able to go into the bathroom. Whether this is normal bunny behavior or not I do not know…image


A while ago I mentioned that I was going cruelty free, and got responses even months later about how that was going. I have some new products to share as well as an update. On my previous post seen here, I had quoted PETA, and linked their site…I have taken that down. I have updated my facts with instead. While I don’t pretend to know what is going on at PETA because I don’t work there, nor know anyone who does, I also don’t like some of things I am hearing. One of my main missions in life is not intentionally harm animals or be responsible, through action or inaction in the torture or useless death of an animal. I am not sure that PETA can say the same thing, even if they try and justify it.image


On to products that I found and love. Giovanni – for hair care and skin care. Currently  I am using their Triple Treat Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditior. I am using their three step d-tox system for face. When the need calls for it I use their frizz serum. Love them.81ElCFP01EL._SY355_ 300 (1)

I am using Toms of Maine deodorant. AP_NaturallyDryAP_POW

So far, I love it. However, it hasn’t been above 40 here in months…so I will keep you posted on how it holds up in the summer. :0

Method products are amazing. I am using their dish soap, bath cleaners and counter top cleaners. I also use their air spray.method(1)

I am going back and forth with detergent. This one is a bit harder since it effects everyone. I started with Method, which I love, I tried seventh generation which was also good. Right now I am currently using Kirkland (Costco brand). They don’t test on animals, are environment and septic friendly and cheap. A huge container was only $14.00! They were also voted one of the top rated detergents in consumer reports so win-win. You can also get the pods if you like them more.  I didn’t see them when I bought my ginormous container, but will look next time.

I do still have some things that bought before going cruelity free, darn you bulk items. For example, window cleaner….or maybe I haven’t cleaned my windows in awhile…anyway, when I finally do run out I plan on buying Method.

Last by not least, cosmetics…I have found E.L.F. brand cosmetics. You can find them at Target for really good prices. I personally like the eye showdow, facial whip and powder.elf516


I don’t use a lot of makeup but when I do it’s nice having something that wasn’t tested on animals to choose from. Especially something that doesn’t cost my whole paycheck.

I leave you with this hilarious photo and caption.


* I don’t get paid to endorse any of these products. I personally like them, and have found them to work.