Adventures in litter training.

20140625-171007-61807762.jpgWe have a well-trained bunny. Well almost. He still has his little accidents but for the most part he is well trained. He is so well trained that he will wait for the bathroom. Patiently.20140625-171111-61871028.jpg His litter box is in the bathroom. We didn’t originally put it there. I am not sure what goes on in his mind, if he saw us using the bathroom and thought that seemed like a good place to go as well or if he just liked the feel of our bathmat. Maybe both. Maybe neither. Whatever his reasoning, he has decided that the bathroom is where is wants to go. So a typical morning will be letting him out and giving him a nice little breakfast of lettuce. Not too long after it is time for the litter box. Unfortunately, the rest of the family is trying to get ready for work and school. But bunny is patient. He waits. Sometimes he will dart around like a crazy person and jump ten feet in the air…but usually he will just wait. Finally when it is his turn he will dart into the bathroom and do his thing. If for some reason you startle him or something else happens that only bunnies can explain he will jump out of his box and finish his business on the bathmat. Never pees though and for that I am eternally grateful. So he is mostly trained.

He is getting huge too. imageI don’t want to see it, but the evidence is there. We haven’t gotten a scale yet, so can’t tell you how much he weighs. But he is getting huge. I hope his ears keep growing! They are massive already!

We introduced him to Kale which he seems to love.
There seems to be a lot of different views on bunny care around the internet…some say lettuce, some say no lettuce, some say treats, some say no treats…I think in some ways – a rabbit is just like a person, each one is different. For example, apparently with some rabbits lettuce can make them have diarrhea – well our bunny has been eating it since day one and hasn’t had any issues. (knock on wood) however the second we gave him apple slices (with no seeds) he had issues. Obviously anything listed on the poison for bunnies list I would never feed him. (And what a long list!!)
He will tell us when he doesn’t like something. For example just tonight I was giving him a spring mix and he completely ignore the spinach. First time I’ve seen him pick around food do they will tell you what they do and don’t like.

Here are a couple of links I found that were enlightening to me when doing research on bun bun.

When looking at some of the show Flemish Giants I see some differences with them and ours. So it is clear that he isn’t a purebred Flemish giant. We were told he was mixed with something else so it’s still a mystery as to how big he will actually get!!“>”>



The search for a cage…

The cage we bought bun bun is almost to small. The guy at the pet shop told me it would last a year…I am thinking he under estimated how big bun bun was going to be. So we need to find a new cage. Now I have been looking nightly…doing research… pros of this one vs that one…honestly going about this as I would getting a house for us. After all,  its bun bun’s house. The guy told me to look at dog crates so…I did but those seemed so…doggie…not bunny…image So I continued searching. Some people were super cleaver and made their own little habitats. I didn’t think we had the room, unfortunately, for something as amazing as this: image So again I continued my search. I finally found this. image   The reviews were great…and people with rabbits seemed really excited and happy about it. I thought it looked huge and thought, gee bun bun isn’t going to be in there 24/7…so it will probably be perfect. Still before I hit “buy” I looked at ALL the reviews….hmm…no one had a Flemish Giant…or if they did they didn’t leave a review…okay to the question section…Again… no one asked any questions about Flemish Giants in relation to the cage. So what the heck, I will ask. Here is my questions and the following response: imageI am not sure if you can read that but basically – the very helpful  amazon customer said “No this cage won’t work for your Flemish Giant” because you my friend bought a rabbit that is going to be somewhere in the 20-50 pound range…enjoy. Now to compare…my son (my 7 year old son) …is 60 pounds…so what this nice guy (or girl) was trying to tell me is my adorable little bunny will be almost as big as him someday….:0 In the words of George Takei “OH MY!” Hard to believe that this: image will be in the 20 pound range…and if he is extreme  – closer to 50!! I am now thinking that we have to keep up with the litter training (which thank goodness is going swimmingly) and just get an x-pen for him. image This way we don’t have to worry  the height restriction and can move the cage to fit the living room. It is a good idea trust me. For now, I will be thankful that he fits in my arms and occationally will allow me to cuddle…I am trying to convince husband to let him sleep in the bed. :)That is my next mission!

Rabbit Facts…vocabulary

*Rabbits are herbivores that feed by grazing on grass, forbs, and leafy weeds

This may be true for some rabbits however, our rabbit is a scavenger. He feeds on whatever remains he can find in the house. Now usually, that would be nothing, but we have a lovely 7 year old so…inevitably he finds things. A muffin piece, a cheese-it, a granola bite…you can always tell when he doesn’t like something he has found. He gives a little head shake and does a little two step jump. It is quite comical actually – I have yet to get this on film. He accidently tasted Utz Salt and Vinegar chip and I thought he was going to jump out of his skin.

For the most part though, what we are finding is that yes, all forms of leafy veggies are what he loves best. As seen here…he can’t even wait for mommy to get the lettuce out of the bag!image

Another fun fact we have learned from our many readings: From Rabbits for Dummies: “If your rabbit is spraying you, he is claiming you as his mate!” So the bunny has marked me as his mate OR has marked me as his territory. Until a few days ago I was also the only one he would lick which was another symbol of love shared only with select humans. However, recently my sister was bestowed the rare treat of bunny lickings …so… now I don’t feel as special. She hasn’t been peed on yet though, I still hold that honor. Yes I am a bit smug about that…image

One more fact for tonight…Flemish Giant…which happens to be the bread of rabbit we have adopted. **The Flemish Giant is a breed of domestic rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) known for its large size. imageAs seen here a full grown Flemish giant. Husband wanted a dwarf rabbit – I  came home with complete opposite! But he was so little and so adorable – I just couldn’t help myself. Two pictures. One when we got him. Three weeks ago and now. You  can already see that he is becoming a little bit bigger. :0 We are truly on a giant adventure.