I’m just a dandy moose

Did you know that rabbits like dandelions? It shouldn’t be much of a surprise, actually. Wild rabbits eat all sorts of things found in peoples gardens and lawns. I walked outside over the weekend to an explosion of dandelions in our backyard. I thought I remembered reading about house rabbits enjoying certain common weeds and which ones were safe. So, a quick Google search showed that dandelions were indeed a good weed for your little bunny.


See – loves them. I decided to look more into which common weeds are okay for rabbits and which to avoid. For your reference:












Con-Bunny… is actually a very long list. I would thoroughly search and make sure you are positive of the plant or weed you are feeding your little furry friend. Some of the more shocking toxic plants/weeds for rabbits were: Buttercup,Holly, rhubarb,sweet potato, tomato leaves, and many others. So again, a very through search online before feeding your bunny something new. I have listed some helpful sites below.

In cruelty free news – more Lush love.

So you all know by now that I love Lush products. Not only are the cruelty free, but they are Eco-conscious, socially responsible and work amazingly. Every product is sourced with the environment in mind, made using fair trade and fair wages practices, and never tests on animals. Their charity pot hand and body moisturizer gives 100% of its profits to charity. So it really is one the most feel good companies you can buy from. As I have mentioned, my husband loves their beard cream and I love their scrubs. Right now I am using a sugar scrub that comes unpacked so you aren’t contributing to more plastic waste. I am also using their African Paradise Body Cream which I got a free sample of last time I went. download (1)

It is amazing – after showering with the sugar scrub, I put a little of that on…you know everywhere…and went about my normal shower routine and then lightly rinsed off. My skin is still soft a  day later!

I have to throw in some ELF love too. I just tried their new Cushion Pigment eye shadow, and I will admit, at first I was bit skeptical. The eye shadow is a little pastier than normal eye shadow. However, because it has a little moisture in it, it glides on super smooth. You can apply with a brush or with your fingers.



For Reference: The Rabbit House 

House Rabbit Society 


That is all for today – keep hopping my friends.

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I don’t get paid to endorse any of the products in this blog. I just post about products I like and use. You should always consult your doctor, vet, or allergist before starting new products if you are unsure of them. 


It’s Lagomorpha to you

Someone made the mistake of calling my bunny a rodent. I quickly had to tell them a brief history on rabbit classification, which I will now share with you.

Rabbits were declassified as rodents in 1912 when the Lagomorpha order was recognized. The difference between a rabbit and a rodent is that rabbits have two sets of incisors where as rodents don’t. Other mammals in the Lagomorpha group are hares and pikas. Other animals in the rodent group are mice, rats, hamsters, porcupines, woodchucks, squirrels, chinchillas and beavers.



Not rodent


Although regardless of classification – how adorable are these guinea pigs?


Moose is on a water strike – okay so rabbits can’t technically go on water strikes, but he seems to be drinking a lot less than he was before. So once again, a huge internet search was conducted. Old age, dental problems, change in water taste, bottle malfunctions were some of the most popular problems. So we made sure the bottle was working, provided a water dish for him to drink out of. We use bottled water and would never dream of using anything other than Poland Spring water for our preciously little snowflake rabbit.  Considering that he is eating, pooping, playing and acting normally we have decided to just keep an eye on him. I actually bought a water dish to go with his water bottle. At the very least it can’t be said he didn’t have access to water. Speaking of access.

He has gone through I can’t even tell you how many cords. Phone chargers, game chargers, computer chargers (he likes chargers), lamp cords. However he has never touched this cord. Not once. Even though it dangles ever so temptingly right in his reach. I find this very odd. Does this cord not taste nice? Is this cord special? I can’t fathom why he would refuse to eat this cord when all others are fair play.


There isn’t much else going on in his world. Here are some super adorable pictures for you.

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In cruelty free news – for my birthday I was given a lovely gift bag of Lush products and I instantly fell in love. Even the names and the descriptions are amazing. My sister and I went to a Lush store recently and the people working there were so friendly and so helpful. (shout out the girls working at the William Floyd Lush Store ) They have stuff for men and woman and at all ends of the price scale. If you get nothing else you should try their hand soap.flickr_-_olivier_bruchez_-_lush_shampoo

I came across a natural remedy to rid your house of ants, that I shall share with you. Now, I found it didn’t work as great as I would have liked. User error? Maybe…but I feel like it is something you should start before you even see the ants. First snow melt kind of thing. I think it is hard to use when they’ve already started dining on your marshmallow fluff.


In a spray bottle: fill with tap water and add a few drops of peppermint oil. Shake, Shake, Shake…spray around window, doors, baseboards, anywhere that ants can get it. I like this because with our bunny it is safer than the actual poisons that they sell. Also, obviously, not harmful to the ants just deters them away from your food stash.

Keep on hopping my friends.

*I do not get paid to endorse any products or companies. I just comment on what I like and what works for me. As always, one should ask a doctor or vet (depending on the product) if they have concerns. 

Things my bunny does

I saw this article the other day and thought to myself why not make a blog post about what my bunny does.

Bunny waits for his turn to go to the bathroom


And of course looks adorable when he gets to go.

image image

No one cuddles like a bunny


Eats Kale like a boss…

boosh2 boosh3


Bunnies love working on the computer…


Bunny loves showing some leg


They sit on the couch chilling


They look mighty when they yawn


They have major attitude


They love waging war on dangerous items like tissues


Did we mention the Kale loving?


Bunny looks for a good book to read





Bunnies always have good hygiene


And love helping with homework! 😮


Yes bunnies are fun and amazing animals.

A friend of mine recently asked me about why a company wasn’t on the leaping bunny site as an approved company. Here is the little I was able to find out. Why a company isn’t on the leaping bunny site

The company in question was the Honest Company and their website does claim that they do not test on animals as seen here. Although the Honest Company isn’t listed with Leaping Bunny, they are listed with PETA…so there is that.

Basically if a company isn’t listed or doesn’t have the logo on their product I would do some research on their site….usually they will list whether they test on animals or not.

Still on the hunt for a decent toothpaste, sorry guys…and the deodorant update…Sorry to say that Toms of Maine did not pass the summer work out test. So we are back to square one with that as well. I will keep you posted on anything new that I find.

Hop on my friends!


Descruction and discovery

imageMoose is acting out. When I did some research on this I found that a bored bunny is a destructive bunny. That is putting it mildly. We’ve gotten wise to his cord fetish, so all cords are out of reach, hidden, or buried. He has moved on from cords. They are no longer enough. Turns out, cords are the gateway to bigger things. We have two couches, both are pushed up against a wall. One of them has to be out a little because it has recliners. Because of this, Moose is able to fit behind there. He likes to go back there and be stubborn sometimes…like when we try and get him in his cage. Recently he must have noticed how awful the couch was. The couch must have pissed him off somehow, because he has waged war on it.


So when I researched just why a bunny would decide to destroy furniture in such a vindictive way, the most common answer was boredom. Not that we don’t try and entertain him. However, we are not bunnies. Which leads me to the only logical conclusion. We must get another bunny. So I have been looking. Husband really wants a dwarf rabbit. So I plan on talking to a bunny expert and finding the perfect match for Moose and our family. We will soon be a two bunny household.


Moose’s litter box (one of them) is in the bathroom. This is the one he prefers. I swear sometimes he sits there just to sit there.image We have one bathroom so in the morning it is usually occupied for quite some time. This makes Moose impatient. I couldn’t get it on camera but he actually scratched on the door like a dog when wanted to get in. I found it hilarious. He refuses to use the other litter box when the one in the bathroom is available. He doesn’t have accidents either, which is amazing to me. He will hold it until he is able to go into the bathroom. Whether this is normal bunny behavior or not I do not know…image


A while ago I mentioned that I was going cruelty free, and got responses even months later about how that was going. I have some new products to share as well as an update. On my previous post seen here, I had quoted PETA, and linked their site…I have taken that down. I have updated my facts with leapingbunny.org instead. While I don’t pretend to know what is going on at PETA because I don’t work there, nor know anyone who does, I also don’t like some of things I am hearing. One of my main missions in life is not intentionally harm animals or be responsible, through action or inaction in the torture or useless death of an animal. I am not sure that PETA can say the same thing, even if they try and justify it.image


On to products that I found and love. Giovanni – for hair care and skin care. Currently  I am using their Triple Treat Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditior. I am using their three step d-tox system for face. When the need calls for it I use their frizz serum. Love them.81ElCFP01EL._SY355_ 300 (1)

I am using Toms of Maine deodorant. AP_NaturallyDryAP_POW

So far, I love it. However, it hasn’t been above 40 here in months…so I will keep you posted on how it holds up in the summer. :0

Method products are amazing. I am using their dish soap, bath cleaners and counter top cleaners. I also use their air spray.method(1)

I am going back and forth with detergent. This one is a bit harder since it effects everyone. I started with Method, which I love, I tried seventh generation which was also good. Right now I am currently using Kirkland (Costco brand). They don’t test on animals, are environment and septic friendly and cheap. A huge container was only $14.00! They were also voted one of the top rated detergents in consumer reports so win-win. You can also get the pods if you like them more.  I didn’t see them when I bought my ginormous container, but will look next time.

I do still have some things that bought before going cruelity free, darn you bulk items. For example, window cleaner….or maybe I haven’t cleaned my windows in awhile…anyway, when I finally do run out I plan on buying Method.

Last by not least, cosmetics…I have found E.L.F. brand cosmetics. You can find them at Target for really good prices. I personally like the eye showdow, facial whip and powder.elf516


I don’t use a lot of makeup but when I do it’s nice having something that wasn’t tested on animals to choose from. Especially something that doesn’t cost my whole paycheck.

I leave you with this hilarious photo and caption.


* I don’t get paid to endorse any of these products. I personally like them, and have found them to work.


Giant News!



I’ve got some giant news to share…in fact…I am kind of nervous. This is one of the biggest things I have taken on. I wrote a blog about how I wanted to live a kinder lifestyle. This includes not buying products that were tested on animals. I am also getting kind of crafty. Although it is easier now to find products that don’t test on animals, or who are socially responsible, it can still be a challenge when you are shopping. (Thank goodness for online shopping and leapingbunny.org) Anyway, I started something during the holidays that I have now decided to continue doing.

I am starting to make and sell my homemade products! Welcome To SUNNY BUNNY!


I know! Huge! Scary! Exciting! bunny

It all started with some sugar scrubs and lip balm….I had the idea rolling around in my head for awhile. I always love reading those blogs where people make things themselves, or live off the land…natural ways to cure things, (LOVE Clove Oil and Tea Tree Oil…I will write more in another post about the awesomeness of them)

This year being tight on money and wanting to give everyone something amazing, I decided to make bath products. While researching and gathering materials I found myself really enjoying the process and creating the products. It felt a lot like a mixture of science class and art class. My first attempt was the sugar scrubs and when those didn’t go too badly, I moved bravely onto lip balm. The lip balm won everyone over. Even the hard to please people. It was suggested I sell them..once the seed was planted Sunny Bunny started to grow.IMG_4693

So I am happy to say that starting today, you can buy my products on Etsy…I am starting off with Lip balm and Muscle Rub. (kinda like another Muscle rub with a big cat of pray as its mascot…;))



I hope to add Vapor Rub, Headache Balm and maybe some Sugar Scrubs soon. You can visit the shop here:

Sunny Bunny Etsy Shop

I will also be using this blog to, not only keep you updated on the giant adventures of Moose, but also my giant adventures in the kitchen making my Sunny Bunny Products!

I appreciate everyone who has ever read this blog and kept up with my Giant Adventures. I hope you join me in my next one!


One small step for you…one Giant Leap for Bunnies

Ever get soap in your eye? Like when you are washing your hair and some sneaks in. My gosh doesn’t that hurt? It stings right? Your eye gets all red, you try and put a cold cloth on it to stop the stinging. Not a fun feeling. Not something you would intentionally do to yourself right? What about, have you ever had a chemical reaction? Like accidently gotten bleajch on exposed skin, or some other harsh chemical. Again, with the stinging and the burning. Sometimes it requires medical attention and again, not something you would intentionally do to yourself, or your loved ones.

Would you do it him?e14cf42e-0a91-49ab-90bd-9e76e9bb32c3

No? (I hope you said no, because this is Moose..bun bun, boosh, Brownie, Thumper), I hope you said no.

According to Leapingbunny.org hundreds of thousands of animals (not just bunnies) are poisoned, blinded, and killed every year by cosmetic companies and household product companies, yes like your dish soap. It is sickening to think that any animal is being tested on; being tortured, just to give the world another shade of lipstick. It really actually makes me ill. I never wear makeup, so I figured I was already covered with buying products that didn’t harm animals. Little did I know that they test, laundry detergent, dish soap, toothpaste, and numerous other things on animals. Once I started looking around my house, I realized that about 90% of the products we use was made off the sacrifice of innocent creatures that had no voice of their own. I realized that I didn’t have to do that any more. I no longer have to buy these products because I have other choices available to me.

Now – I am not here to stand on my soap box and tell everyone that they have to buy cruility free or they are horrid wretched people. That isn’t right and it’s not true. I know by personal experience that sometimes this is hard to do. Nor am I going to say that these companies are evil, or tell you to boycott them, or anything of the sort. This isn’t going to turn into an activist blog. I understand that there are reasons why people can’t or won’t buy products that are cruelty free.

First off, money. When my son was born we LIVED on cheap food and cheap goods. I bought .50 pasta and ice cream that open incorrectly

(ask my husband he still has nightmaresicecream), I think 90% of the food and products (including diapers) we had in the house was generic. We couldn’t afford name brand, never mind organic, or specialty or anything fancy. I was on WIC for milk, formula and eggs, thank goodness for that program, and we used heating assistance. I know about money problems. I know them all too well. We still live pretty much paycheck to paycheck…but make the best choices we can. We no longer have to buy generic, we can now choose what to buy and how much of it to buy and where to buy from. I just want everyone reading this to that I know money issues. So when you think about it and think: “I would like to buy products that don’t test on animals, but I don’t have that kind of money”, I understand, but I am here to help. Here is what I use, around my house and not only do these products work, the are comparable to other name brand products. Now, if you are in a situation, where all you can afford is generic, I understand, but challenge you to buy one cruelty free item this month. Then one next month and so on and so on…if, for example you were to buy Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap one bottle, $3.99 today, next month Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap, and slowly start incorporating cruelty free products into your home. It may not happen overnight it didn’t at my house (and quiet frankly we are still working on it).

Second – for those who don’t have money issues, some people are brand nuts…I get that to. I love me some Tide laundry detergent, Crest toothpaste, etc. However, there are other companies that make detergents, toothpaste and other things comparable to these brands. Really. Natural doesn’t mean it won’t work. In fact, you may find that you are healthier using all natural products (which incidentally most cruelty free products tend to be.) For example. Toms of Maine Toothpaste, made with all natural ingredients, so you aren’t putting anything  harmful in your body and they don’t test on animals …so win-win.

Third – availability… walk into any super store and you are bombarded with name brand things, even when you look closer you see the stores brand of things. Entire rows of Suave shampoos, Clorox cleaning supplies. Thankfully, people are starting be more aware of what they are using both on their bodies and in their homes, so a lot of greener companies have really started to break out. Method and Mrs. Meyers to name two off the top of my head that are both comparable to the harsher counterparts and within the same price range. Sometimes you have to look around. That is hard too, you have a kid (or two or more), you have a list and you are struggling to get out of the store with your sanity.shopping-cartoon11 You are clutching your 20 ounce coffee, pushing the cart with one hand, yelling at your child to please for the love all that is reasonable, stop undressing the manikins. So searching for that teeny, tiny symbol:veganandcrueltyfreemay seem like more than you can stand…and again, I understand. So again, I am here to say  – make a game plan.

If you are like me you make list. If you are like me that is list is half complete, and you end up with more than what was on the list, and you always forget something. Alas, we try right? So you make a list, you say you need dish soap. Well instead of getting Dawn dish soap this week why not tried Method or Mrs. Meyers. I plan on trying Method next time I run out, but I can attest to the quality of Mrs. Meyers (and the lavender scented one is awesome). There. Done…that is your one cruelty free product this trip, And the bunnies thank you!IMG_3774


Again, it doesn’t happen overnight. I would never suggest anyone go through their house and throw out all the goods they have and buy new ones. That is insane. I would never suggest someone go without something just to afford one of the products, again that is absurd. It’s about making a conscious effort to make changes in the way you shop and the way you think. If you can afford to buy name brand, why not just try a different brand? You might find yourself surprised. If you can’t afford name brand things, try to incorporate one thing into the household, maybe one thing you use the most, like dish soap. I still have products that were probably tested on animals in my house, you know what, when those products run out, I am making an effort to only buy ones that were not made at the sacrifice of animals. A while ago I bought bathroom cleaner, scrubbing bubbles or something, those guys always look so happy, scrubbing away making your bathroom all shiny. They test on animals. Why they feel the need to test bathroom cleaner, on a bunny, is beyond me. Seriously. So I will be buying Method Bathroom Cleaner on Amazon for $2.99. Can’t beat that price honestly. Compared to what I had, Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleanser $5.23. Even buying at my local Target store, $3.99 compared to $2.89. Not that big of a difference in my book. Run out of my beloved Pantene hair care…(this is where life gets hard and again, I empathize with all) I will be trying Burts Bees. Worst thing, it doesn’t work and I have to try something else. Best thing, it works, and now I have an amazing hair care product that I can feel good about. Here are some companies that I found that don’t test on animals, whose products work, and whose prices are the same, better or just a tad bit more than many name brand products on the market.

Burts Bees
Mrs. Meyers
The Body Shop
Toms of Maine

If you go to: leapingbunny.org you can actually do a search for companies to see if they test on animals, and you can search for products, for example, you need deodorant but don’t want to sift through hundreds of companies that might not even have products in your area, just type the product you need to buy, and it will give you a list of companies that make that product and you can see if you can find it in your local area or online.

I am not trying to turn into an activist, you won’t be seeing “save the bunnies” all over my facebook and twitter feeds. I just believe that testing on animals is wrong and encourage anyone who can and is willing to consider making a change in their every day purchases. Maybe someday no animal will be tested on, just so people can have a thicker mascara.



*Apps: bunny free (you can search the company to see if they test on animals.

Cruelty free (I currently use this one you can search products or companies )