I’m just a dandy moose

Did you know that rabbits like dandelions? It shouldn’t be much of a surprise, actually. Wild rabbits eat all sorts of things found in peoples gardens and lawns. I walked outside over the weekend to an explosion of dandelions in our backyard. I thought I remembered reading about house rabbits enjoying certain common weeds and which ones were safe. So, a quick Google search showed that dandelions were indeed a good weed for your little bunny.


See – loves them. I decided to look more into which common weeds are okay for rabbits and which to avoid. For your reference:












Con-Bunny… is actually a very long list. I would thoroughly search and make sure you are positive of the plant or weed you are feeding your little furry friend. Some of the more shocking toxic plants/weeds for rabbits were: Buttercup,Holly, rhubarb,sweet potato, tomato leaves, and many others. So again, a very through search online before feeding your bunny something new. I have listed some helpful sites below.

In cruelty free news – more Lush love.

So you all know by now that I love Lush products. Not only are the cruelty free, but they are Eco-conscious, socially responsible and work amazingly. Every product is sourced with the environment in mind, made using fair trade and fair wages practices, and never tests on animals. Their charity pot hand and body moisturizer gives 100% of its profits to charity. So it really is one the most feel good companies you can buy from. As I have mentioned, my husband loves their beard cream and I love their scrubs. Right now I am using a sugar scrub that comes unpacked so you aren’t contributing to more plastic waste. I am also using their African Paradise Body Cream which I got a free sample of last time I went. download (1)

It is amazing – after showering with the sugar scrub, I put a little of that on…you know everywhere…and went about my normal shower routine and then lightly rinsed off. My skin is still soft a  day later!

I have to throw in some ELF love too. I just tried their new Cushion Pigment eye shadow, and I will admit, at first I was bit skeptical. The eye shadow is a little pastier than normal eye shadow. However, because it has a little moisture in it, it glides on super smooth. You can apply with a brush or with your fingers.



For Reference: The Rabbit House 

House Rabbit Society 


That is all for today – keep hopping my friends.

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I don’t get paid to endorse any of the products in this blog. I just post about products I like and use. You should always consult your doctor, vet, or allergist before starting new products if you are unsure of them. 


Bunnicula and a moose!


That was seriously months of work. That one photo, which is actually a video here:

Seriously months of me stalking my bunny at night. He would move in his cage and I would be there, camera ready to get the elusive yawning shot. People thought I was crazy, maybe they were right, husband thought it would never happen, happy to say he was wrong. My bunny I am sure, again if he thinks like this at all, was thinking that the strange one that sings to him and feeds him is odd.




Serious looks of judgement from him in some of my attempts.
This one was the closest I got until now.

I think bunnies yawning is adorable. Right up their with babies playing with puppies…other people seem to have other views. Some people find this down right terrifying! He’s been dubbed “Bunnicula ” by several people, hence the blog title.
To me he just looks adorable, although to be fair I guess I can see how you might find him terrifying. I mean elephants are supposedly scared of mice right? Makes sense to be afraid of a fluffy little bunny. Even if he is moose. Which brings me to my next topic. Name changing…Again.
So poor guy, thankfully isn’t a dog and, therefore, doesn’t really respond to a name. He was named Brownie, then boosh boosh, bun bun sticks a lot as well. A few weeks ago I was feeding him getting all in his face and I said “my gosh he looks just like a moose”! Again people thought I was crazy (I’m use to it), so I took a picture and then showed said picture to people next to the moose picture, the evidence spoke for itself….


See? Long nose, pointy ears…getting big too… at last weigh in he was over eight pounds! So official unofficial name…Moose. Promise not to change it again.
A word on feeding…because I want this blog to be helpful too. Bunnies like humans get bored of eating the same thing over and over again.  So feeding them the same stuff all the time will end in refusal to eat. I was so confused as to why he wasn’t eating and I realized I had been feeding him the same thing for months. You gotta switch it up. Also, they say to give fruit in small quantities usually I save for special treats, he really loves Bananas we found Apples gave him a bad reaction, but I had known to give small quantities and wait to see if anything happened, therefore stopped when it did. What I found interesting is while getting his favorite treats, Yogies, we picked up another bag treats some veggie cracker thing for bunnies, and after eating two he had runny well let’s say no more hard pellets o. O anyway, we took those away, and he’s fine, but I find it interesting and a good reminder that even things that are marketed specifically for bunnies you should test before letting them have to many.
Also, another side note, if it’s on the floor they will eat it. Like a dog. I’m not kidding. This bunny had eaten salt and vinegar chip crumbs, popcorn, cereal, crackers, dried pasta, I could go on. If you drop it and forget about it he will find it and eat it. Yes sometimes it is amusing, but this can be dangerous. For example, my eight year old loves M&M’s , I’m constantly on him to not drop any and to triple check to make sure he didn’t. Chocolate is poison to bunnies, like most animals. Also if you have plants that have leaves falling off, best to make sure you pick them up before bunny gets to them. Some house plants are poisonous too. There’s is actually a list here

The best was him finding a piece of gum that had dropped, he got about half s stick before I snatched it away. Not sure how that possibly could have tasted good to him, but again on the floor, fair game to bunny.

In closing tonight, we have been entertaining the idea of getting Moose a friend. I go back and forth on this, my main concern is that they wouldn’t get along…I’m doing research when I can and will keep you all posted! Any feed back from other bunny parents would be much appreciated! 🙂

I love my giant moose! image