I started this blog when we got our little ball of fur, Moose.image My husband, bless him, wanted a dwarf rabbit. I came home with a Flemish Giant. Hence the title, My Giant Adventure. I had never really owed a rabbit. We had rabbits when I was very little, but I don’t really remember the care and handling of them. So this has been a learning process (sorry Moose). So, like any new parent, I have made mistakes, I have learned tricks, I have done research. I hope to share some of this with you as well as some funny stories that only other bunny parents can appreciate. Oh heck anyone with a four legged friend can appreciate these stories. image

After we got Moose, I started to really think about other animals. Why they are being tested on for human products, why we torture them so we can have better mascara, why we eat them. So that and a little crafty science -I decided to start Sunny Bunny. I now make a lot of my own products that I use ( …tea tree oil for skin problems…its gonna be big!), and have now started selling on Etsy.  So now the blog has two parts…part one, Moose Mayhem…part two…shamelessly promoting Sunny Bunny.


I hope you enjoy our Giant Adventures!



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