Things my bunny does

I saw this article the other day and thought to myself why not make a blog post about what my bunny does.

Bunny waits for his turn to go to the bathroom


And of course looks adorable when he gets to go.

image image

No one cuddles like a bunny


Eats Kale like a boss…

boosh2 boosh3


Bunnies love working on the computer…


Bunny loves showing some leg


They sit on the couch chilling


They look mighty when they yawn


They have major attitude


They love waging war on dangerous items like tissues


Did we mention the Kale loving?


Bunny looks for a good book to read





Bunnies always have good hygiene


And love helping with homework! 😮


Yes bunnies are fun and amazing animals.

A friend of mine recently asked me about why a company wasn’t on the leaping bunny site as an approved company. Here is the little I was able to find out. Why a company isn’t on the leaping bunny site

The company in question was the Honest Company and their website does claim that they do not test on animals as seen here. Although the Honest Company isn’t listed with Leaping Bunny, they are listed with PETA…so there is that.

Basically if a company isn’t listed or doesn’t have the logo on their product I would do some research on their site….usually they will list whether they test on animals or not.

Still on the hunt for a decent toothpaste, sorry guys…and the deodorant update…Sorry to say that Toms of Maine did not pass the summer work out test. So we are back to square one with that as well. I will keep you posted on anything new that I find.

Hop on my friends!



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