Sunny Bunny Lip Balm

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As promised…I am sharing the secrets of homemade lip balm. Yes, even you can make lip balm at home. Seriously it is insane how easy this is. People get so impressed with me, but really…its a few simple ingredients and boom – smooth lips time!

So first people have asked me a few questions and I am going to answer them now.

Where do you buy your products? I buy most of my products from bulk apothecary – they have great prices and quality ingredients.

Where do you get the recipes? I sold my first born…no wait that was for the gold…I jest…I search online. If I use a recipe directly from someone I will always credit that person, however I usually make modifications. (which you will actually see in the one I am sharing today.   

Do you need Insurance? Good question. And one I never thought about, the short answer is no…the long answer is you probably should. I have a disclaimer (you can read here), I suppose it depends on the size of your business. One website I found said that if you made more than $5,000 a month you should have insurance. So, I think it is something each independent business owner should think about. 

Those are the questions I have gotten so far- I am always happy to answer more!

So on to the crafty fun. Homemade Lip balm: (original recipe was found on broke and healthy website. I modified it though, by omitting the lanolin and adding more shea butter. I think the result was great…I also tend to play around a bit with essential oils – you do what works for you.

What you will need:

A small sauce pan, spoon, kitchen scale, measuring cup, balm containers.


2 oz. Beeswax IMG_4733

3 oz. Coconut oil IMG_4731

1oz pure shea butter  IMG_4734

25 Drops peppermint essential oil

15 Drops rosemary essential oil


The process –

In a small pan, melt beeswax IMG_4729

While beeswax is melting , measure coconut oil and Shea Butter IMG_4732 IMG_4730

Drop Shea Butter and Coconut oil into melted beeswax

Stir on low heat until melted (I didn’t take pictures of this – it is actually a quick process! – Next time)

Remove from heat and add essential oils

Stir in oils well and then pour into containers IMG_4736

And there you have it – Sunny Bunny Lip Balm. IMG_4737

If you don’t have the ingredients or time you can order it here. Have you ever made your own lip balm or other beauty products?

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