Funny bunny and the awful terrible vet visit.

Bun Bun Moments
First a fun video for you. (Please ignore the disgraceful carpet…we are going to get it replaced once we have the little one house trained…I suppose we should wait for bunny to be trained too…) anyway the video is quite adorable…

Next the vet visit. A background. Our son Cody is terrified, and I mean TERRIFIED of dogs. Big dogs, small dogs, young dogs, old dogs…doesn’t matter. He’s been attacked by two dogs…one of them a vicious dechshund. So where do you take your 7 year old with a phobia of dogs? To the vet of course!! You take him to a place where animals are nervous. Even the most mild pouch turns into Cujo. So step one – getting into the vet holding a shaking, scared little guy and Bun Bun, who for the record was also shaking and even more terrified. Signing in, and not sitting because – hello – dogs everywhere. Finally – it’s time for Bun Bun to go in for his pedicure where he leaves us and Cody continues his stare down on a German Shepard.
When we get bun back he is shaking the whole carrier. Completely terrified. I felt so awful for him. I began questioning if I had done the right thing. Perhaps we should have tried harder. When we got him home he bolted and hid under the couch for the night. Not even Kale could get him out.
I’m happy to report though the next day he allowed me to pet him again. And after a few days I was finally able to snuggle and get a kiss. Perhaps we will learn to cut his nails. Perhaps we will continue to torture him with the vet, but at least we know he will bounce right back and look fabulous doing it.



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